Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Day 4

Despite the weather forecast the previous evening of 50% chance of rain, the day thankfully started on the 50% dry side.
There was more motorway to begin with which was fine until I saw a few of our group all behind me. 'Oh shit' I thought to myself, 'Do they know who they are following'. Thankfully after several miles of me gradually getting slower, my plan worked and one of the more experienced riders over took me. But then a few miles up the road I noticed he was turning off the motorway and yet my sat nav was telling me to carry on. Unsure of whether to follow him or my sat nav, my in- decision meant that I missed the turn off and carried on following the wishes of my electronic navigation system. When I looked into my mirror, I momentarily couldn't see any other riders behind me and thought they must have followed him. However, a couple of minutes later I did see two other riders so this relaxed my thoughts of me making the wrong decision, but there again maybe they made the wrong decision in choosing to follow me!

The border crossing into Croatia was painless and once we turned off the motorway the roads got better, and once we was riding along the coastal road it was a pure delight. I must say, that the Croatian coastal road is one of the best coastal roads that I have ridden. The road surface was in good condition, there was lots of lovely sweeping bends and just the right amount of really tight ones to challenge your riding skills in making sure you didn’t get to complacent and go wide. Also due to being not fully in the tourist season, very little traffic to hold us up.
There were a few nice stops for photos and refreshment breaks throughout the day but time spent enjoying the ride meant we was a little on the late side getting to the hotel where we found the GlobeBusters support team anxiously waiting for us.