Monday, 1 May 2017

Day 10

It was a welcome lie in this morning and there was an enormous amount and variety of food at the breakfast buffet.

We met our tour guide Sami in the reception area of the hotel at 9am. He then took 11 of us on a walking tour of the Topkapi Palace Museum, then on to the Hagia Sophia Museum before we visited the Blue Mosque. It was all very interesting but it did get rather chilly outside so we stopped for a hot drink part way through.

After the mosque, Sami led us to the Grand Bazzar where he said goodbye and we entrered a complex selling lots of gold & jewlery, hand made carpets plus plenty of other things that we could carry even if we wanted to, but naturally, I did manage to get a sticker for the bike.

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  1. Have just caught up with everything and all seems to be going well. You have gone so far in such a short time. Loving all the info. and the pictures. I met your Mum at the shops and she says she will come round for a cuppa. It is a bit cloudy today, the sun having gone at 12.30. We have seen one of the F35A lighting planes which are based at Lakenheath for a few days. Take care all of you and we will speak soon love M 7 J