Saturday, 6 May 2017

Day 15

It was bright and sunny in the morning when we left the cave hotel, however we was told to expect possible showers in the afternoon.

The roads were great, flowing mountain roads with some excellent scenery to enjoy as we rode towards the south of Turkey. There were four of us riding together at one point and we all got pulled in at a Police check point, not for speeding though. We think they were just curious because we were clearly foreigners on big bikes so we all shook hands, smiled and handed over our passports for checking which took several minutes by a couple of guys in their office at the side of the road.

The main highlight of the day was at the end of the ride where we got to see Mount Nemrut. Once we got to the hotel, checked in and waited for a passing hail storm to pass over, it was just a few miles ride up to the visitor centre , then a short shuttle bus ride further up the mountain and a short but tiring walk to the top. The skies cleared up and we had good views all round at the top. I even sent a couple of text messages from my GPS tracker device whilst standing at the top of the mountain.

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