Monday, 8 May 2017

Day 17

I didn’t have a good night, something I ate yesterday didn’t agree with me plus I had a blinding headache most of the night. Thankfully it was a short day so I didn’t get up too early, skipped breakfast to give me some more recovery time until we were ready to roll. We rode out of the ski resort town heading north east again aiming for the top right corner of Turkey getting ready to cross the border to Georgia tomorrow.

The hotel was only 130 miles away so we also rode another 30 miles to the ruined medieval old Armenian city of Ani which is now in Turkey. Ani was a town on the Silk Road and sits on the Turkish side of a gorge. There are only a very few buildings still standing and those are missing walls, roofs etc. However, they were quite remarkable and we could also see the remnants of an old bridge that crossed the gorge. The old border to Armenia is now closed but you can still see the watch towers on the Armenian side as you look to link up the old Silk Road across the gorge, and the views of vast expanse of open landscape was amazing, though this did mean the wind wipped across the site.

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