Thursday, 11 May 2017

Day 20

Today was a day off from riding the bikes and GlobeBusters had organised a city tour of Yerevan for us today.
There was a short walk to the Rupublic Square followed by a bus ride to various points of interest around the city of Yerevan, and then a tour of the Noy Brandy Factory where we got to taste some 93 year old wine and then some 10 and 20 year old brandy.

Once back at the hotel I went for a walk around the flea market and got some stickers for the bike, although due to the not so good relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, we have been told not to stick them on the bikes until we are in Turkmenistan.


  1. "Using my sensible head" - I was believing everything in the blog until you said that :D... Looks like a good, varied trip so far. The Blues Brother music in the fountain display was a bit weird and the SatNav definitely sounds like it's not helping. Keep the photos coming.

  2. Yeah, I think the fountain was better with the classical music. We are gradually working out the issues with the new model sat nav so hopefully will have it all sorted in the next month or two!