Friday, 26 May 2017

Day 35

Due to the festival in Bukhara today, the police had some of the roads blocked off which scuppered my plans of an early get away before evryone else as when I drew out of the hotel parking I was stopped by a policeman and told that we must all leave together under a police escort. Well at least that meant I wouldn’t get lost!

My bike had more of a spring in its step today, this must have been due to Dom and Pete giving it some TLC by changing the oil & filter yesterday and put on the TKC80 tyres. Bring on the dirt !!

It was only about 170 miles to our next destination of Samarkland and I arrived there just before noon so avoided riding in the heat of the day. There was no photo stops on the journey today but I did have a walk around and took a few photos for you to enjoy...


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