Sunday, 23 July 2017

Day 93

Today’s riding started off well and we were soon enjoying the green countryside and winding roads.

Just before we got to the first stop of the day to see the Lotus Flowers, it started to rain a little.
By the time we had walked around and clicked away with the camera the rain came more and more. We took shelter in the café to discuss our options. It was decided that most of us would skip the next stop where there was a 1km walk from the car park to actually see the temple and instead make our way straight to the hotel some 60 miles away.

The route we took was amazing, plenty of twists and turns, photo opportunities that even the rain didn’t stop me from pulling up and taking a shot or two.
However, two of us got a little lost and it turned out our route may have not have been the one that was planned for us, as when we finally got near the hotel an hour later than we should have, the tour bus met us whilst we were asking for directions up the road from the hotel. The bus turned around so that we could go back to the hotel, get changed and continue with the others to the tour of the old style Korean village.

To justify us getting lost we decided that the two of us are now on the GlobeBusters new route research team and our slogan is; ‘We get lost, so you don’t’!

The old village was quite photogenic and I clicked away again with my camera as we walked around with our tour guide.

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