Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Day 95

It was a great ride today following mostly coastal roads even though it was a dull grey and wet start to the day. 

The first stop was to look at the hand sculpture that sticks out of the sea water and there is also one on the land. These two hands represent holding the sun and keeping the harmony or some bollocks like that. We also stopped here for a drink and a nibble before continuing the journey.

This coast line is famous for its crabs, and you don’t need to speak to anyone to know this as when you pass through the little coastal towns, there were giant size crab sculptures adorning a lot of the shop fronts.

A close up photo of one of the live crabs we had to choose from.

As it was one of our group members birthday we stopped for a crab lunch, where we chose a couple of live crabs which they then cooked for us and served with several side dishes. A very nice lunch stop indeed that kept us going as we continued north along the coast line which did brighten up a little as the day progressed.

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