Thursday, 27 July 2017

Day 97

Our ferry had been delayed leaving Vladivostok which meant it would not arrive here in South Korea on schedule, so we had all morning and most of the afternoon at the hotel. I took the opportunity to work on the blog updates that I was so far behind with.

Our guide treated us all to lunch in the hotel restaurant and knowing that we were getting tired of the Korean food, we had a choice of spaghetti or pizza so this made for a pleasant change.

It was a short 8 mile ride to the ferry from the hotel and we arrived in plenty of time. The process of getting our bikes and ourselves out was just as smooth as the process of getting in, but no doubt the GlobeBusters support crew had done a lot of work in the background to help make this happen.

Once on board we found our cabin where the eight men would sleep whilst the two women went off to another deck to find their cabin for the night. Once we sorted our stuff out and all chosen a bunk bed it was off to the restaurant to get some food. Luckily for us, we were some of the first there so the food was hot and we had a good choice. With the food done we pulled a few tables together in the bar, ordered some beers and started rolling the dice!


  1. I thought that it was only the Fuller's that went to bed at that late, or maybe it should be early1 Dan is enjoying your blog, they are in America now and sent a picture of Alcatraz. I hope he hasn't been naughty. Keep up the writing we love it. Continue to enjoy yourself. love M & J

  2. I am just down the coast in LA from Dan then, waiting for my bike to catch up with me!