Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Day 46

After the wonderful views of yesterday, the mornings ride started very dull with both the weather and the scenery and I thought it was going to be one of those days that hardly any photos are taken and I am not in the last three to arrive at the hotel. 

However, things did pick up slightly and I got more photos stops in than expected. I even stopped to get the bike washed before we enter China in a few days time as the mud of the Wakhan Valley was still evident.

I was just 20 miles from the end of the ride when the wind started to get rough and the rain started so I pulled into a fuel station to get fuel and put a waterproof jacket on over the top. There was two others from the group there and although one of them got filled up, the storm took out the electric supply so they were unable to serve anymore. With the waterproofs on, we rode off to find another fuel station that was in working order.

I arrived second from last at the home stay just as it stopped raining, so much for my clean bike now!
That evening we all ate at the accommodation and said our fairwells to Tony, with whiskey and vodka being drunk, the fixer Caroline showing some people how to do a Kyrgyzstan dance. She also gave us all a typical Kyrgyzstan hat each which went down well.

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