Friday, 16 June 2017

Day 56

Well at least there was no frost on our seats this morning, and the 4 degrees was twice as warm as yesterday, so it has the making of a great day!

Once we had our basic breakfast it was off we went heading for the hills. On the first pass of the day we reached the dizzy heights of 5211m but the next pass was a sub 5k pass at just a mere at 4920m!

Fuel today at both stops was still being served by the watering can full, but ours is not to reason why, simply just to comply.

So it was some more great riding and even more amazing scenery and to finish the day off we stayed in a nice hotel with flushing toilets and a hot shower, so after 4 days without these luxuries, what more could you ask for. Oh I know wi-fi, which thankfully we also got !!


  1. What an adventure, loving reading about it all M & J

    1. Yes, it is certainly an adventure all right!
      Glad you are enjoying the blog.