Sunday, 18 June 2017

Day 58

As we gathered around the bikes in the hotel car park there was a warm glow to everyone despite the outside temperature being a cool 5 degrees, as today was hopefully going to be the day where we see Qomolangma (known to you and I as Mount Everest) with our own eyes.

The road up to the base camp (not the climbers base camp) was a fairly new tarmac surface that was laid about a year ago so was provided a good enjoyable ride with lots of switch back bends that really gave the grin factor.
However, all previous trips that GlobeBusters have done were when it was just a dirt road with terrible corrugations that one year destroyed three GS rear shocks.

I will never forget that first moment as I rode around the bend and saw the peak of Everest, I let out a yell of excitement and stopped the bike in the road, got off and just enjoyed the moment before taking some photos.
Just a little further up the road we all gathered to take more pictures and when everyone had arrived we took our passports to check in and then road further to an even better viewing area where we had a group photo plus all took our own photos from this wonderful area taking in the beauty of this awesome mountain, whilst pinching ourselves to make sure it was not a dream and that we were really standing in front of this magnificent landmark and special part of this trip.

At the base camp the joyand elation of this epic experience was oozing out of everyone in the group, especially one member who was doing this trip again as they didn’t get to see Everest last time due to the earthquake in Nepal.

And we all was in agreement that this was the best Sunday ride out ever!

This experience was all made possible by the brilliant GlobeBusters team and without them I couldn’t imagine me making the 10,000 mile journey getting here to this amazing place.

The ride back was every bit as good as he ride there and to top it off, we ordered fried egg and chips from the hotel restaurant that evening as a special request and I must say it was a nice change from the normal Chinese food.


  1. Graham, you have lived my dream for me and I got gooseflesh when I saw the magnificence of Everest as seen by a friend and not a travel guide.

  2. I can only imagine the adrenaline buzz you all felt seeing Everest appear before you eyes. I certainly got goose bumps reading this. Congratulations to you all making this fantastic journey.