Friday, 23 June 2017

Day 63

It was a short mileage day today, but in previous trips this had been a tough day in muddy conditions with vehicles meeting each other head on around narrow corners so the smallest usually has to back up to let the larger vehicle through.

However, a new road, complete with new tunnels to replace those dodgy narrow corners has been built since the last trip in 2015 so all this is a thing of the past. Although it is a good thing, I can’t help thinking that some of that amazing experience has been lost, but then I am looking at this through the eyes of an adventurer and I am sure most tourists and locals would welcome the new infrastructure.

One of the photo stops that I was looking from a viewpoint over the Lulang Forests, but to get to this viewpoint involved quite a few steps and at this altitude my lungs told me the view was not worth it, but I did proceed to get the photo anyway.

As you can see bridges were the theme of the day, and one of the photos shows three bridges, with an old foot bridge, then the previous road bridge that was in use on previous trips followed by the new bridge which we rode over today.

As the day progressed, the photo stops got fewer although I did stop quite a few times to rest my eyes as I was feeling very tired for some reason today and struggled at times to keep awake whilst riding.

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