Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog about the GlobeBusters 2017 Ace to Ace, London to Beijing Expedition.

Here are some shorcuts to take you to specific places on the blog:

Route outline, here you can see the planned route.

Day 1, leaving the Ace Cafe, London.

The Gates of Hell, also known as the Darvaza gas crater which is in the Turkmenistan desert.

Hair cut, as a result of waiting in the heat at the Tajikistan border!

Wakhan Valley, what adventure riding is all about.

Mount Everest, a real highlight to the trip.

Ace Cafe Beijing, fantastic welcoming party.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


Well due to me being very busy sorting out the route for my USA part of the trip and catching up on much needed rest, the US blog didn't happen, although I may post some more stuff one day about that side of it.
I am back home now in England and spent 166 days on the road covering 22,000 miles doing my lap of the Northern Hemisphere.

Here are some images from my tracker showing my journey...

London to Tokyo Route

USA Route

Completed Northern Hemisphere Route